How It Works

Saving money with MyGallons is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Once you join MyGallons you may pre-purchase your gas online at our website and lock in the current price. When the price of gas goes up, you can use gallons from your fuel reserve to offset the cost of what you pay at the pump!

  1. Purchase gallons at your current MyGallons price. For example, Lisa buys 150 gallons in August at $2.50/gallon. She uses a credit card.
  2. Wait until the price goes up. She waits 5 months
  3. Cash them in at a higher price! Lisa cashes in 150 gallons in February when the price goes up to $3.18/gallon.

Lisa spent $375 (plus applicable fees) and got back $477. Lisa saved $102!. Lisa can have the funds deposited in her checking account or loaded onto a MyGallons debit card.


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It is now free to join MyGallons.

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Your personal fuel reserve

When prices rise, use your gallons by cashing them in on our website. You can have the net cash-in amount loaded onto a MyGallons Fuel Savings Debit Card for use at the station OR have the money electronically deposited into your checking account.

For example, if you want to cash in 50 gallons when the price is $3/gallon, the proceeds $150 - fees = $147 can be deposited in your checking account or loaded on a MyGallons Fuel Savings Card*, it's your choice.

Fuel Gauge TIP: To maximize your savings you may want to pay at the station with a card that gives you cash-back, discounts, or points and have your cash-in money deposited into your checking account.

*Note there is a $10 bank card issuance fee when ordering a MyGallons Fuel Savings Card.

Buy today, save tomorrow

Pre-purchase fuel on our website at the current MyGallons Price for your state. Once you log in, you will have access to your account, providing information such as gallons of fuel available, transaction history, current fuel price, etc.

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Lock in your price

You always have the option of pre-purchasing more fuel. The price of fuel frequently changes. The quote you see on your screen is good for making a pre-purchase at that point in time. When you pre-purchase fuel, you are locking in the price on those gallons.

Pump it up

When you’re ready to fill up your vehicle, visit any station you wish. If you ordered a MyGallons Fuel Savings Card* you can pay with the money pre-loaded on the card. Or if you choose to have the money go directly into your bank account, go to to cash-in gallons after you have purchased gas at the station.

*Note there is a $10 bank card issuance fee when ordering a MyGallons Fuel Savings Card.

Check back often

Be sure to log in to your MyGallons account regularly to check the price of fuel so you can decide when to pre-purchase more gas for future use.


Clearly, you want to pre-purchase when the price of gasoline is lower. Use your MyGallons fuel reserve when the price of gasoline goes up. The more prices rise since your pre-purchase, the more money you save. When prices go down, it’s time to pre-purchase again and stock up on as much fuel as you wish.

Be a smart shopper

While it probably does not make sense to drive all over town looking for the best deal each time you fill up, choose a station in your area that offers a good price.