Plans & Pricing

Open an account for free to gain access to the MyGallons site, news bulletins, price alerts, and to enter contests to win free gasoline. When you are ready to lock-in your price by pre-purchasing your gasoline we will deduct the cost of the annual membership in gallons. Your paid membership enables you to pre-purchase and cash-in fuel online. Pre-purchase gasoline to lock-in the current price. Cash-in your gallons later when the price of gas goes up, for real protection against rising fuel prices. The more prices rise, the more you can save.

The MyGallons program puts you in control of how you pay for your gas. You have two options for using your gallons:

1. You can have the net cash-in amount loaded on a MyGallons Fuel Savings Card for use at the station
2. You can have the money electronically deposited into your checking account after you have purchased fuel at the pump.
Fee Info Cost
Annual membership fee $30.00
Pre-purchase processing fee 6%
Cash-in processing fee per gallon $0.06
Optional MyGallons Fuel Savings Card issuance fee $10.00
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Small Businesses can use MyGallons and select the 5+ vehicles option. The More Gallons program is for larger businesses and fleets with 100 or more vehicles. MoreGallons members can lock in prices on both gasoline and diesel fuel. Get all the details at
Fee Info Cost
Annual Membership Fee $179.00
Pre-purchased gas fee per gallon – In addition to current price 6%
Cash-in Fee per gallon $0.06
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How It Works

  1. Purchase gallons at your current MyGallons price. For example, Lisa buys 150 gallons in August at $2.50/gallon. She uses a credit card.
  2. Wait until the price goes up. She waits 5 months
  3. Cash them in at a higher price! Lisa cashes in 150 gallons in February when the price goes up to $3.18/gallon.

Lisa spent $375 (plus applicable fees) and got back $477. Lisa saved $102!. Lisa can have the funds deposited in her checking account or loaded onto a MyGallons debit card.